Daddy`s“March 8th”(爸爸的妇女节转载)

时间:2022-02-25 16:14:00 节日作文 我要投稿
  Today is March 8th--International Women's Day.Father wanted to please Mother and let her have a good rest. He said he would cook the meals today. In fact, he is always busy with his work and knows nothing about housework. He seldom cooks. If no one cooks for him, he will eat nothing   
  So Mother and I were very surprised to hear what he said. But Father was serious, and he said he was going to do some shopping first. He didn't know what to buy. So Mother wrote all the things on a piece of paper   
  1.cake 2.egg 3.tomato   
  5.milk 6.salt 7.chicken   
  Then Father went out. Half an hour later he came back, with a smile on his face. He brought out all the things: one cake ,two eggs,three tomatoes, four fish, five bottles of milk, six bags of salt and seven fat chickens!   
  Mother was geatly surprised. She couldn't say a word.